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USA > Oklahoma > Sulphur

Sulphur Springs Inn  

Sulphur Springs Sulphur Oklahoma OK
Please join us in our haven for the gentle souls. more...

Price Range: US$ 120.00 to 140.00 prpn

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1102 W. Lindsay
Sulphur, Oklahoma, USA 73086 map

Tel: 1-580-622-5930
Tel: 1-877-622-5930
Fax: 1-877-622-5930
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gentle Bird's finished thistledown, little hawthorn, huddled green, leaves thickening spring pink's, closely linnet's materials rough; hedge-sparrow, moping hedge-bottom, weaves homely stuff,

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" Bird's Nests How fresh the air, the birds how busy now! In every walk if I but peep I find Nests newly made of finished all and lined With hair and thistledown, and in the bough Of little hawthorn, huddled up in green, The leaves still thickening as the spring gets age, The pink's, quite round and snug and closely laid, And linnet's of materials loose and rough; And still hedge-sparrow, moping in the shade Near the hedge-bottom, weaves of homely stuff, Dead grass and mosses green, an hermitage, For secrecy and shelter rightly made; And beautiful it is to walk beside The lanes and hedges where their homes abide. John Clare NutHatch Quick, at the feeder, pausing Upside down, in its beak A sunflower seed held tight To glance by chestnut, dust-blue, White, an eye-streak Gone in a blurred ripple Straight to the cedar branch To the trunk to a crevice In bark and putting it In there, quick, with the others, Then arrowing straight back For just one more all morning. - David Wagoner Turkeys The turkeys wade the close to catch the bees In the old border full of maple trees And often lay away and breed and come And bring a brood of chelping chickens home. The turkey gobbles loud and drops his rag And struts and sprunts his tail and then lets drag His wing on ground and makes a huzzing noise Nauntles at passer-bye and drives the boys And bounces up and flies at passer-bye. The old dog snaps and grins nor ventures nigh. He gobbles loud and drives the boys from play; They throw their sticks and kick and run away. - John Clare Fireflies In The Garden Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, And here on earth come emulating flies That, though they never equal stars in size (And they were never really stars at heart), Achieve at times a very starlike start. Only, of course, they can't sustain the part. - Robert Frost One Leaf One leaf left on a branch and not a sound of sadness or despair. One leaf left on a branch and no unhappiness. One leaf left all by itself in the air and it does not speak of loneliness or death. One leaf and it spends itself in swaying mildly in the breeze. - David Ignatow Before the Sights & Sounds of Spring Begin Where are the butterflies flying to and fro? The lovely nightingale has not yet begun to sing. Before the arrival of spring one snowy branch blossoms a little sending forth its fragrance. Silently its shadow moves with the help of the wind. When whitened by the moon, its most cherished moment comes. Most people have eyes for only bright reds and purples -- who can believe that this jade lady endures the frost? - Cho Koran (1804-1879) --> A safe haven for the gentle soul...with the charm of an old-time resort...and front door access to our beautiful national park. Welcome to Sulphur Springs Inn...the last of the fine old bathhouses that once dotted Oklahoma Our historical bathhouse dates back to the turn of the century when a young Sulphur Springs was alive with excitement and bathhouses abounded. One of those establishments was the Caylor Bathhouse which has become the Sulphur Springs Inn Bed & Breakfast and Cottages . We offer you an opportunity to experience the serenity of days gone by when this area was known as the "" Peaceful Valley of Rippling Waters "" and people came from distant lands to experience the healing powers of the sulphur mud and bromide springs. Nestled in the Arbuckle mountains at the edge of the old Sulphur Springs Reservation, then the Platt National Park, and now the Chickasaw National Park , our historical bathhouse of healing waters offers our guest an atmosphere of simple elegance and an appreciation for nature. Our front door opens into Oklahoma's most beautiful and sacred grounds; affording our guests easy access to Nature's healing medicinal springs, unique flora, fauna, geological formations and abundant wildlife. As owners and your innkeepers, it is our sincere intent to provide you a brief retreat from the pressures of modern living and our desire that you leave refreshed and renewed in body and spirit. Please join us in our haven for the gentle souls. "

Payment Methods Accepted: Cash.

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